Firearms importation into Mozambique


We recommend you consider booking with SAA direct from Johannesburg to Tete or to the closest airport to the hunting area where you will be hunting.It is of utmost importance that you give us your flight details 90 days before arrival as we need to arrange your fire arm import permits into Mozambique and this permit need to state port of arrival and departure. Also we need the exact amount of ammo you are bringing into Mozambique so we can add this onto your rifle import permit. There will be an amount of +- 4 $ per 375 calibre and up, tax on the airport for the ammo your are bringing along , this is a government tax not controlled by us. We can also recommend to plan your arrival and departure from Mozambique to fall within the week days and not on a weekend , this ensure that you travel with SAA.

We recomend a light 30 calibre for leopard / plainsgame with 60 rounds of ammo for each calibre. Clients are allowed to bring 2 rifles per client with a max of 100 rounds per rifle.

Dangerous game requires a 375 calibre and bigger for thck skinned animals.

We will need 2 passport photos and a passport copy of each hunter for his rifle import permit and hunting license at least 45 days prior to arrival in Mozambique. If you are traveling through South Africa , we will recomend to contact Hunters Permit Africa to help you with assistance in Johannesburg with the clearance and rebooking of your firearms to Mozambique.

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